Can I tell you a secret? [a fun behaviour to train]

This week I [ATA’s founder Ryan Cartlidge] thought I would share a fun behaviour I recently trained with my dog Fibi!

It all started when the awesome Lisa Longo shared a video in the Animal Training Academy’s members-only FaceBook group – of her dog Marley telling her a secret [see below]!

Lisa suggested this as a challenge for others to train. But I got really excited when I saw this was a behaviour that could also be counted towards attaining my ‘intermediate trick dog title.’ Learn about ‘Trick dog titles’ HERE

Consequently, [& needless to say] I enthusiastically wanted to give it a go! Here’s one of our first sessions where I decided to use a target;

And a couple of approximations later … here’s the final result;

What about you – have you trained this behaviour? What’s the funnest behaviour you’ve ever trained? We would love to see it – please let us know & share your videos! – You can leave a comment below! 

Ryan Cartlidge
Animal Training Academy – Founder/Connector/Facilitator – 🐾

Comments on Can I tell you a secret? [a fun behaviour to train]

  1. Tracey says:

    your facial expressions are awesome – well done to you both

  2. Karen Peterson says:


  3. Caryl Zaar says:

    I love the reply back idea!

  4. Barb Marzoli says:

    I love this trick I started training my dog Buddy and he caught on pretty quick I then started a reply where I whispered in his ear which looks really great like a 2 way conversation. I didnt perfect it though so after seeing this will have to get back to it. Thanks for reminding me

    1. Ryan Cartlidge says:

      Awesome Barb!

      Thanks so much for sharing with us 🙏

      I love the idea of then whispering back into the dog’s ear! 🥳

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