Dr. Susan Friedman & Ryan Cartlidge; Off the perch part 2 [Episode 150]

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    ANOTHER 😜 letter from the desk of Ryan Cartlidge

    Episode 100 of the ATA podcast show (back in 2019) and  saw us super lucky to be joined by the amazing Susan Friedman for the “Off the perch, part-1 episode” And knowing that we were fast approaching episode 150 I wanted to reach out to Susan again and ask if she would join us once more. However, I had to pinch myself when Susan suggested that she interview me instead! This is kind of like life goals complete lol – And so episode 150 was born!

    Since episode 100 on the show, we have maintained our mission and traveled around the world – speaking to the world’s most proficient animal training & behavior professionals from a large number of different industries and working with an extensive amount of different species. But most importantly all of our guests have been singing the same song – striving to work with our learners in the most positive and less intrusive ways!

    So once again we are absolutely thrilled to welcome Susan back to the show again albeit in a reversed role! Thank you so much for continuing to listen to this show and playing your part in changing the world one episode at a time!

    Ryan Cartlidge & Susan Friedman
    Animal Training Academy – Founder/Connector/Facilitator

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