[Episode 100] – Dr. Susan Friedman & Ryan Cartlidge; Off the perch

A letter from the desk of Ryan Cartlidge

This isn’t just any old episode of the ATA podcast; we are celebrating approximations on this one; because this is episode 100 of the show!

I remember when I first started recording this podcast. At that time, I thought 100 episodes seemed like a nice number to try and achieve, and three and a half years later – here we are!

Via the guests on the show, we have travelled around the world – speaking to the world’s most proficient animal training & behaviour professionals from a large number of different industries and working with an extensive amount of different species. But most importantly, all of our guests have been singing the same song – striving to work with our learners in the most positive and less intrusive ways!

So I am absolutely thrilled that the special guest for episode 100 is the person who first taught me about the concept ‘most positive, least intrusive. Someone who has helped guide me for a decade and helped guide so many others from around the globe – Dr Susan Friedman herself.

Thank you for listening to this show and playing your part in changing the world one episode at a time!

Enjoy: Ryan Cartlidge – Animal Training Academy – Founder/Connector/Facilitator