Ryan Cartlidge & Shelly Wood; Making Ripples [Episode 132]

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    This episode introduces a brand new Animal Training Academy podcast show – Making Ripples!

    Via the new show we’re super excited to introduce you to a whole new community of amazing Animal Training/behaviour subject matter experts! The show is hosted by the wonderful Shelly Wood (someone who is the operationalized definition of Making Ripples) as she interviews individuals from our Animal Training Academy premium membership.

    Making ripples is all about individuals who through their life’s work motivate and inspire positive change in others. This can be through intentionally disseminating information or it can just be in the way one conducts themselves in how they engage with the world and the earthlings around them! As one ATA member J.R Henderson put it – it’s like tossing a pebble into a pond and watching the ripples spread out!

    And hence why we HAD to create this new show! And we already have three episodes already available with myself, the amazing Jo Lock from Nose no Limits & the one & only Kiki Yablon – you can find all of these episodes in your favourite podcast app, or by following the below:

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