[Episode 3] Kiki Yablon; Dog Training by Kiki Yablon

Kiki Yablon – Bio

Kiki Yablon, KPA CTP, CPDT-KA, has been training professionally since 2011, first under Laura Monaco Torelli at Animal Behavior Training Concepts and currently under her own name. She offers private in-home training (barring public health crises) and online training and consulting. Since 2014, Kiki has also worked under Dr. Susan Friedman as a co-instructor for Living and Learning With Animals, an eight-week intensive course in behavior analysis for animal professionals. In 2018, Kiki began pursuing a master’s degree in ABA at the University of Kansas; she recently completed all coursework and is working on her thesis. A former editor of Outside magazine, Chicago magazine, and the Chicago Reader, Kiki publishes a blog on her website, has written about behavior and training for other outlets, and has edited lectures, articles, and books for other behavior professionals. Most recently, Kiki has accepted a position as Karen Pryor Academy faculty, starting sometime in 2021.

Podcast Outline

  • 4:45 – Kiki explains how she began on her path to animal training.

  • 11:45 – Shelley asks more about the online Masters program that Kiki chose to complete and her experience.

  • 18:25 – Kiki shares a recent training related challenge and what she learned from it. 

  • 35:55 – Kiki shares another training experience with which she was particularly proud of counter conditioning a behaviour using a slightly unique approach where the dog was in control of when the counter conditioning would begin.

  • 41:25 – Kiki shares a recent referral case with a dog that had some severe sound sensitivity responses to a number of different noises and how she worked through it with the owners.