Sandra Tigerlind - Black dog Foundation Helping Ukraine [Episode 32]

Sandra Tigerlind Bio

Sandra Tigerlind is a dog behaviourist, dog trainer and enrichment specialist etc. ( from Sweden who has worked full time with dogs for the past 13 years. She specializes in fearful, insecure and traumatized dogs and has a soft spot for adopted or rehomed dogs. So much so that she started the first and only dog sanctuary in the country, that focuses mostly on the dogs that usually never get a family, like senior dogs, special needs dogs or traumatized dogs. It is both a passion and a way of life, to see the dogs that are the most vulnerable and yet unwanted, find their way to the sanctuary, living safe and loved until their last breath. 

When the war started in Ukraine and the emergency for animals in war zones became apparent, Sandra was instantly determined to help in some way. Now, the tenth aid relief journey is ahead and the suffering animals have received more than 20 tonnes of food, thousands of doses of pain medication, carriers for refugees with animals and a lot more, all thanks to devoted followers and animal lovers like yourself. Our charity Black Dog Foundation also rescued and found new loving homes in Sweden for around 30 dogs, of course the majority were seniors, close to heart! Running the sanctuary is a full time commitment, but even so, we made time and space for ten trips for the suffering in Ukraine. We have learned a lot during this heartbreaking year, our motto has always been “it is never too late for love” and as a trainer Sandra’s mindset is “empathy is key”, and here we are, combining it all with our love and empathy for animals and dog owners alike, across the borders.  

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