Michelle Mullins - Honest to Dog [Episode 31]

Michelle Mullins Bio

Michelle Mullins CDBC is the owner of Honest To Dog, LLC in Richmond, Virginia, USA and serves as the IAABC Foundation president. Michelle has been training dogs for 20 years and all of her work has the same objective—developing long, enriching relationships between pets and their people. In addition to her work in the pet product industry, she has worked with private clients for basic manners, puppy socialization, cooperative care training and through aggression issues. Michelle works closely with other trainers, certified behavior consultants and veterinary professionals. 

She is an IAABC Certified Dog Behavior Consultant(CDBC), holds certificates as a Karen Pryor Academy (KPA) Certified Training Partner (CTP), a Fear Free Certified Animal Trainer, TAGteach Level One Certified and has completed the Master Course – Aggression In Dogs.

Currently, Michelle focuses on providing educational content, presentations and mentorships for pet professional organizations including the IAABC Foundation, Fear Free Pets, APDT and as a guest speaker at Ohio State University. She contributes to and is available for conferences, panels, podcasts and consultations both on behavior cases and pet product development. She is dedicated to the IAABC Foundation mission to inspire, develop, and provide quality, evidence-based education, research and charitable activities in animal training and behavior.

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