Matt Beisner; The importance of consideration in advocating for change! [Episode 196].

Matt Beisner Bio

Matt Beisner (CPDT-KA, LFDM-T), is the founder of THE ZEN DOG, and host of “Dog: Impossible” on Disney+. Matt is dedicated to humanely helping dogs and their humans learn how to better connect with one another. He believes that there are “no bad dogs”, and works to support positive behaviour change rather than rely on fear, force or commands for control. “What’s good for a dog is good for the world,” says Matt, who also serves as an ambassador of the Texas Humane Network. He and his wife Brooklin now live in Austin with their son, daughter, and family of once “impossible” dogs”

Comments on Matt Beisner; The importance of consideration in advocating for change! [Episode 196].

  1. Michelle S Wurth says:

    Thank you .
    Heavy stuff.

    Good for humans, good for dogs.

  2. Mary Neighbour says:

    So uplifting to hear both of you truly speak to each other and to us. My heart opened. Gaia Richards let me know about this show, and I greatly value her training and that she introduced me to these humane principles like LIMA and not using force. I’m a beginner, but very motivated.

  3. Jenny Afvander says:

    This was wonderful.
    I am truly in awe with people that have the courage to engage in real talks.
    I am grateful for the people that introduced me to ATA, and for all people that I’ve gotten to know because of this.
    I’m from Sweden, so this particular story was new to me – but the the toxic environment and hate is as common here as in the rest of the world.
    Ps yes I was on a long walk with my dogs, looking at deer in the sunset.

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