Linda Brodzik - Only Connect [Episode 30]

Linda Brodzik Bio

Linda has always felt a strong connection with animals. Her early interest in behavior studies quickly paired with her love of animals to build a career in animal training that has spanned more than 40-years and is still going strong. Linda was in the right place at the right time to attend behavior & training related classes through the Life Learn Program at the Ontario Veterinary Collage, University of Guelph, Canada. She considers herself very fortunate to have attended many in person clinics with Karen Pryor as she was presenting, with Gary Wilks,  in the late 1980’s. Over her long career Linda has attended countless clinics, webinars, and workshops. She reads extensively and is always seeking opportunities for further education, knowledge, and growth. 

Linda’s moto in life is “Only Connect” and continually seeks deeper understanding and abilities in this goal with both people and animals. 

When not working Linda attends Master Classes on a diverse range of subjects spanning from rocket science to resilience, to storytelling. She studies music, unrealistically hoping to be a great jazz musician one day, she spends quality time with her dogs, and takes every opportunity to spend time in the wilderness hiking and kayaking.

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