Nicolette Canzoneri - Applying the laws of behaviour science to 'help save the world'; Part 2 [Episode 192]

Nicolette Canzoneri Bio

Nicolette Canzoneri has a Masters of Science in Environmental Sciences, focusing on free-choice learning and behaviour change. Her thesis, Theory of Action for Pro-Environmental Behavior Change at Zoos and Aquariums, uncovered gaps in program design and implementation where zoos targeted conservation-focused behaviour change in their human zoo visitors. These gaps Nicolette discovered were common for many AZA-accredited institutions and served as the basis for creating her new venture EnvARK.

Nicolette also holds a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology with a certificate in Applied Behavior Analysis, as well as an Associate of Science in Exotic Animal Training & Management, Animal Behavior, and Wildlife Education. Her expertise includes behavioural science, social science research, informal learning, science communication, and behaviour-focused program design.

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