Training chin rests & cooperative care behaviours

Recently we have been having a lot of fun within the Animal Training Academy Membership focusing on chin rest behaviours [with multiple species]. And there have been numerous tutorials offered by our ATA members describing various approaches to training this super versatile behaviour! Having our animals offer chin rests allows us to check their ears, their eyes and their entire bodies all voluntarily! 

Consequently, I wanted to share with you the most popular chin rest video that has been shared so far by one of our members [posted in our members-only community!] The video below is Tjadina Klein (from ‘Untrainable cats‘) practising for a cooperative eye exam with her cat Fenrir

I’ve also been working on a new chin rest behaviour with my dog Fibi and shared the following video in our members-only community (can you guess what the second stool is for?)

Chin rests have been one of the most popular topics in the ATA members-only community over the last month – with other trending discussions being centred around an exciting web class we did in July [with Peggy Hogan, Monty Gwynn & Anat Shalev] on ‘Exploratory shaping’, training stimulus control, Susan Friedmans’ LLA course [we are currently studying this within ATA] and teaching group classes.

These discussions help answer all of members’ questions. For this reason, Yvonne Kartner labels her ATA membership ‘A GIFT’ 

We are super excited to be able to answer all of your questions soon as well!

You can be the first to know when we re-open our doors [during our limited enrolment periods] by clicking the button below – we look forward to seeing you on the inside then!

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Ryan Cartlidge
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