When the behavior of eating gets broken- “behavior affects health, health affects behavior”

SI Bio

SI lives with her husband of 37 years and their 5 year old dog, Micki (whom she loves a ridiculous amount). While she grew up with an assortment of apartment friendly pets, SI did not own nor even personally know a dog for most of her life. All that changed 21 years ago when her family got a puppy. That puppy inspired her to learn all she could about training. She has been a dedicated “cookie pusher” training enthusiast ever since. While that first puppy was the world’s easiest dog to train, the arrival of Micki forced her to delve back into training and  to explore that the “ABC’s of behavior” meant much more than “Always Bring Cookies.” Fortunately for Micki, SI, and their relationship, she came to appreciate the importance of listening to Micki and providing her with choice and control in her life. SI views her role as Micki’s advocate to be of utmost importance.

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