Peggy Hogan & Monty Gwynne - R+ horse training collaboration #2 [Episode 179]

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    Peggy Hogan Bio

    Through her business, The Best Whisper is a Click, Peggy Hogan provides clicker training lessons, clinics, and online coaching, all focused on horses. She has been a horse-lover since the age of three when her sister put her on a pay-per-lap pony ride, loves all animals and has a passion for training. Her background in training includes N.H. and in-depth study of the teachings of Peggy Cummings, founder of Connected Riding.

    In the late 90’s there was little information on using positive reinforcement with horses, so after an introduction from Alexandra Kurland, Peggy learned from clicker trainers of other species, as well as diving into the science behind the training with Dr. Susan Friedman. Peggy has investigated ways to add more shaping, capturing, luring, and targeting to her clicker training for horses program. Horses offer complex behaviors freely if given the choice, behaviors that apply to environments that range from agility to freestyle to medical procedures and Start Buttons. Peggy is currently teaming up with Monty Gwynne to reach the online community for teaching this amazing technology.

    Monty Gwynne Bio

    Monty Gwynne, founder of Equispeak and a self-proclaimed training junkie, is passionate about sharing her decades of training experience.  This depth and breadth of her experiences with many different breeds and disciplines allows her to draw on them to better solve issues using R+. 

    Monty’s training passions are classical dressage and driving.  Because of her long involvement in the horse world she is often called upon to help take and rehab ponies and minis who have been in difficult situations. Using R+ has been the saving grace for many of these rescues. 

    Monty’s approach is based on shaping without frustration and is unique in the R+ horse community.

    The focus of Monty’s journey is on bringing positive, science-based horse training to the forefront and working with people interested in discovering this powerful tool. Having seen the joy that positive reinforcement training brings to both partners in the horse – human relationship over the past 30+ years, there is no going back.

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