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Wifey has often told me I must clean my office more while filming training videos with Fibi-dog! I’ve always been curious, though, if a messy office actually makes my videos more relatable? 

What I mean is that I’m human, I’m busy, and my office, therefore, reflects that lol … and I assume that those who watch my training videos are also human lol, and also busy and experience the same challenges with organisation that I do. 

Therefore whilst recording a recent podcast episode with the fantastic Dante Camacho [Dante Dog Works], something he shared really resonated with me [about just being yourself on social media], and so I thought I would share this specific part of the episode with you below [paraphrased];

“… the more real and natural you are with the stuff you do with the things you say, the less people will think you’re trying to tell them what to be and do. I think people are more open to experiencing what you’re saying when you’re just yourself. 

They’re naturally curious about who you are and what you do. 

So if they spend their precious time listening to you on Instagram posts or YouTube videos, or through a lesson you’re teaching in your course, you already have the essential thing in their time and interest. 

Of course, there has to be a balance because you will have to maintain professionalism and all that. But I think that’s what I do with the people I teach. We try to build a relationship where people know me a little bit beyond the trainer.

[For example] my dog steals socks. My wife loves it; she thinks it’s the funniest thing ever. I’m not scared of showing people that, you know, the dog does that. But I just taught the dog to come and give me the sock when I ask, and I give him a treat. 

I tell people, yeah, of course, the dog steals a sock; he loves doing that. He has a lot of fun; we have fun. And so I think that helps people not feel so worried. And especially trainers feel they have to be role models in everything they do. 

So I’m not saying you don’t have to train your dog, but I’m just saying that you can be real. And I think you can be more original, more yourself, and that will connect more with people. 

But at the same time, people are much more afraid of being themselves because they are so quickly criticised …through social media. And so there are two sides to that. So that’s why also, as a teacher, I try to create an environment that is safe for them. So we have our groups where we can talk, chat, and not be so worried about being perfect to everyone outside.” – Dante Comancho

Want to hear more from Dante? Check out part one of our conversation HERE

Dante also talks about the importance of safety when sharing on social media! We agree & the safety we’ve created for our members within the Animal Training Academy membership community ares is something we are super proud of! 

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