Stuart Hoffman - Labrador Retriever Adoption Services; volunteer/trainer [Epiosde 20]

Stuart Hoffman CAPDT Bio

Stuart Hoffman lives in Newmarket Canada with his wife Maria and their seven-year-old lab Dani (Danielle). Over the last 10 years Stuart has worked with Labrador Rescue Adoption Services as a trainer and interviewer. He provides training to both fosters and adopters encountering behaviour issues. In addition, he writes articles for the Rescue’s magazine, hoping to give a voice to the labs that pass through.

His learning path started after his failed foster and adoption of his beloved black Lab Archie 10 years ago. Reading Karen Pryor’s Don’t shoot the dog started his journey and then Sue Alisby’s “Levels” books that solidified his passion. During one of Sue Alisby’s wonderful courses a fellow student introduced him to ATA.

Over the last 4 years Stuart says he loves the ATA community and how willing to share knowledge everyone is all while providing such a positive and safe space.

In May of 2022 Stuart has been asked to present his Constructional Approach to Leash Walking at the ABAI Annual Conference in Boston.


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