Open mouth behaviour [on Kikopup's YouTube channel]

Have you trained an open mouth behaviour with your animal/s before? You might want to do this to see inside your animal’s mouth and check their teeth/mouthparts are all healthy and/or perform any required husbandry procedures!

It’s a behaviour you might feel you only have to put minimal effort into training [as some learners are comfortable with mouthparts being manipulated]! Others – like myself & my dog Fibi have had to put considerable effort into finding a solution that worked for us!

You can check out a blog post on our training >>>

Consequently – when the amazing Emily Larlham from the YouTube channel Kikopup asked me to create a video for her, I thought this would be a perfect topic to discuss! Watch the video below … ⬇️ 

We hope you enjoy the video and would love to hear from you and learn how you trained this behaviour with your learner/animal? [you can leave a comment below]

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Ryan Cartlidge
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  1. Jenny Yadi says:

    I saw how seal trainers do this with seals, and it inspired me! Much as you do!

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