[Episode 160] Autumn Sorrells - Animal welfare in medical research; Part 2

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    Autumn Sorrells bio

    Fifty years of reinforcing data collection tactics in the field of neuroscience compels many scientists to believe that their work with animals is reliant on deprivation strategies, like food and water restriction for task acquisition. However, Autumn Sorrells focused her career in challenging these antiquated beliefs. During her 21 years in the field, she has cultivated a kinder and more holistic approach to factor in the psychological and social needs of each species of animals whilst partnering seamlessly with the needs of science and researchers to foster the groundbreaking innovation in the Bay Area.

    Her foundation in ethology, animal behavior training, and behavior analysis has led Autumn to Neuralink, a neuro-tech company building assistive devices for people with paraplegia. After their last “Monkey Mind Pong” debut, it is clear that the company is fearless in a world where animal research is often shunned. Autumn, as Animal Care Director, feels strongly that Neuralink’s approach can be used for a more humane model to support the vital research needed to advance society towards agency, health, and joy for all species.

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