Catherine Nelson: The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People [Episode 145]

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    Catherine Nelson Bio

    As the general manager of FranklinCovey in Australia and New Zealand, Catherine is passionate about helping individuals and organizations create great cultures by building leadership at every level. Prior to this role, Catherine served as the global vice president of leadership development at FranklinCovey, where she led teams that developed several of FranklinCovey’s award-winning and best-selling training solutions, including The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People 4.0® and The 4 Essential Roles of Leadership™. She has also served as a subject matter expert on Unconscious Bias Understanding Bias to Unleash Potential™ and The 7 Habits for Managers®.

    In addition to her work shaping leadership strategy, she was previously the managing consultant for FranklinCovey’s Customer Loyalty Practice, focused on developing organizational cultures, delighting customers, and winning employee loyalty. Her thought leadership was critical to the development of FranklinCovey’s customer and employee engagement methodologies.

    Catherine has a master’s degree in organizational behavior and completed undergraduate studies in education and psychology. She worked for more than 20 years internationally helping organizations around the globe be more effective before returning to Australia to lead the local FranklinCovey team.

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