Sonya Bevan; Part 2 – Brave sharing about cancer, amputation & grief! [Episode 129]

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    About Sonya Bevan

    Sonya Bevan is an avid dog lover with a Bachelor of Science degree in physiotherapy. This combination lead to seeking science based information on how to teach dogs and she completed a Diploma of Canine Behaviour Science and Technology (with distinction) through the Companion Animals Science Institute.  Sonya works as a behaviour consultant in her business, Dog Charming. She has been a university facilitator for vet students in animal behaviour for the past 5 years. Her special interests are;

    • Fearful and reactive dogs
    • Low stress handling/cooperative care
    • Assistance Dogs (She is a MindDog trainer for psychological support dogs)
    • Ethics in animal training
    • Separation Anxiety. She is a Certified Separation Anxiety Trainer.
    • Providing freely available video training tutorials.

    She believes that dog and animal training is both a science and an art. When based on solid principles of applied behaviour analysis, teaching also allows creativity when applied to each unique learner. And fun. Training should be fun!

    Video: Teaching a Dog to use Steps/Pet-loader Pre and Post Amputation

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