Caitlin Coberly – Dog training 101 & running online communities [Episode 126]

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    Caitlin Coberly Bio

    Caitlin Coberly is perhaps best known as the founder and head trainer on Dog Training 101 Facebook group, where she oversees operations for the “nonprofit” help group (over 100,000 members and 100-200 posts a day).  She is a Certified Dog Behavior Consultant with IAABC, and had a PhD in Evolutionary Biology from Duke University.

    Caitlin specializes in extreme dog behavior problems, online diagnostics, and working with the human half to prevent euthanasia and surrender.  She loves working with compulsive disorders (tackling the impossible), and focuses on “mental health and wellness”.  Her own dogs get to enjoy 40 wonderful acres of happiness filled with bunnies and other critters.  Caitlin’s experience training other species, including falcons, horses, fish, and even spiders, informs her work with dogs.

    Caitlin shares her life with 7 amazing pointers, 3 horses and one big pink primate in beautiful western Oregon.

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