Constructional affection with Sean Will [Episode 124]

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    Sean Will Bio

    Sean Will received his M.S. from the University of North Texas within the Applied Behavior Analysis Program and completed an internship at Harvard Medical School’s Department of Psychiatry. Currently, Sean is researcher in Florida Tech’s Ph.D. program conducting research on learning, and problem solving. Sean spearheaded the development of Constructional Affection, a new procedure for training dogs that meets training goals without the use of food rewards or force. Sean founded The Give Them Love Animal Shelter in 2012, which is a non-profit that works to enhance the lives of animals in shelters. He has over twelve year’s experience as a professional dog trainer working with dogs and their caretakers to address problems with aggression, hyper-activity, socialization, separation anxiety, basic obedience, and quality of life. Sean has conducted research developed programs used at animal shelters, zoos, and public schools, looking into questions of performance improvement, instructional design, quality of life, and the development of problem solving and critical thinking repertoires.

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