Leslie Eide; Managing fitness for all dogs… [Episode 113]

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    Leslie Eide bio

    Leslie became a veterinarian in 2006 after graduating from Colorado State University’s College of Veterinary School and Biomedical Sciences. She planned on pursuing a residency in Behavior Medicine after completing a rotating internship in small animal medicine in Albuquerque, NM. Instead, her interest in dogs sports took over and she continued her education by becoming certified in canine rehabilitation through the Canine Rehab Institute with a focus in sports medicine. Rehabilitation and Sports Medicine combined her love of behavior and love for all things dog sports. Her research interests include canine exercise physiology and sports performance.

    While working in veterinary rehabilitation and sports medicine, Leslie continues to compete in dog agility. She has competed in agility for the past 17 years with Australian Shepherds and Border Collies. Recently, she placed 3rd in the 22″ Speedstakes class at the US Open with her dog Stig.

    She currently practices at Sound Veterinary Rehabilitation Centre in Seattle, WA. Leslie is a recent winner of an AARV Grant for Rehab and Sports Medicine Residents for investigating how exercise affects Flyball performance.

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