Greg Vicino; San Diego Zoo Global – Five Opportunities to Thrive [Episode 106]

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    Greg Vicino Bio

    Greg A. Vicino is the Curator of Applied Animal Welfare at San Diego Zoo Global. He studied Biological Anthropology at UC Davis where he focused on non-human primate, husbandry, behavior, welfare, and socialization. Previously, Greg held positions as an Animal Resources Supervisor at the California National Primate Research Center, Animal Care Supervisor of Primates for the San Diego Zoo, and interim Curator Al AIn Zoo U.A.E.

    Greg focuses on integrated management strategies, in which all animals receive the benefit of every specialty at each facility. By emphasizing the frequency and diversity of behavior, he and his team have worked on developing integrated management strategies that exploit the adaptive relevance of behavior and making behavior meaningful for managed populations.  This strategy is designed to be applicable to all species both captive and wild and he has extensive experience in the Middle East and East Africa applying these concepts to in-situ conservation programs and rehab/re-release sites.  Greg has continued to work towards his institutes’ mission of ending extinction, and has staunchly stood by the idea that all animals should be given an opportunity to thrive.

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