Wes Anderson; Inventor of the pet tutor®️ [Episode 105]

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    Wes Anderson Bio

    Wes is the founder of Smart Animal Training Systems, LLC and the inventor and patent holder on the Pet Tutor® system for training and enrichment.  He holds degrees in Electrical Engineering, Statistics and has been involved in neuroscience research for many years. But his passion for positive reinforcement methods developed over 14 years in the study of animal training and behavior modification.  Wes has worked as a volunteer with a prison based service dog program where he became known for working with the “challenging” behavior cases. In addition, he has taught pet dog classes for several years specializing in aggression cases. His education with animal training has included workshops, videos and books by positive trainers such as Ken Ramirez, Ken McCort, Kathy Sdao, Chriag Patel, Malena DeMartini, Kay Laurence, Bob Bailey and many others.

    It was during the Bob Bailey Chicken Camps that the spark for the idea of using advanced technology in positive training was born.  Bob explained how Animal Behavior Enterprises (ABE) used a variety of over 500 automated feeders to increase trainer productivity and address difficult training scenarios.  This idea led to the concept that the application of smart technology to training could bring more powerful tools and improve training productivity to the positive training world. His company’s mission is to create a new family of innovative positive reinforcement products. The mission is “Smart Technology for Positive Training” with a vision of making obsolete other technologies designed for punishment.

    These products provide pet parents and trainers new, dynamic ways of addressing behavioural issues, novel ways to positively reinforce training and creating mentally stimulating games.

    (Video) Pet tutor – Wheelchair user and hands free control

    (Video) Pet tutor – counter conditioning

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