Pamela Clark – 10 things parrot consultants need to know in 2019 [Episode 99]

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    Pamela Clark Bio

    Pamela Clark is a certified parrot behavior consultant, through the International Association of Animal Behavior Consultants. She has a uniquely successful approach to helping clients. Using most positive, least intrusive behavior change strategies, coupled with a compassionate nature, excellent communication skills, and a first-rate knowledge of what parrots need for both good physical and psychological health which help her lead caregivers into a successful resolution of behavior problems.

    She has lived with birds for 50 years. Her background of experience includes 16 years of work as an avian veterinary technician, the breeding of African Greys, training free-flight and other behaviours, and many years of informal hands-on rehabilitation of surrendered parrots with behavior problems. Organizations in the United States, Australia and Canada have hosted her for seminars and workshops. Her contributions to parrot-related magazines have been translated into several foreign languages and her popular blog can be found at

    Podcast outline

    • 1:40 – Introduction
    • 3:41 – Pamela talks about when she first learned about positive reinforcement training and some stories from that time.
    • 11:00 – What Pamela is currently up to
    • 14:43 – Some pivotal moments that have shaped Pamela’s thinking over the last fifteen years.
    • 24:34 – Pamela Clark’s “Ten Things Parrot Consultants Need to Know in 2019”.
    • 56:42- Pamela’s final words for the listeners on changes she would like to see in the pet parrot world.
    • 59:03 – Pamela can be found online at

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