Lesson 4 – How to get into Animal Training.


I have had a wonderful career as an Animal Trainer. I have been very blessed to make some amazing connections. I have been inspired by some great people. These experiences have changed the course of my life.

When I was young I had no idea how to get into Animal Training. The people I have met have shown me the way. They have been my teachers. They have been my mentors. I found continual guidance in their wisdom. They aided my development. And they assisted in making me into the trainer I am today.

There is one teacher I will always remember. This teacher stands out above all the rest. If I hadn’t absorbed his wisdom then I believe that I would be only half the trainer I am today. This teacher is not what you might expect. This teacher had a 2 meter wingspan. He also had 750 pounds per square inch of closing pressure in his talons.

This teachers Name was Bob the Wedge Tail Eagle. He was the fist animal I ever trained. The lessons Bob taught me, still guide me today. A significant chunk of everything I currently do stems from his lessons.

I wanted to share Bob’s story with you so I made this video. Maybe it can help you learn about how to get into Animal Training.

Bob the Eagle started me on my Odyssey. However, there were many elements involved in making me a good trainer. I’ve read a lot of books. I’ve been to a lot of conferences. I’ve networked extensively. I’ve studied many courses and qualifications. I’ve travelled internationally to seek out opportunities. This has been my odyssey. Of course if someone asked me “how to get into animal training?” I wouldn’t necessarily say you have to do what I did. Rather I would say forge your own odyssey. Challenge yourself and never stop learning.

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