Lesson 9.3 – Crate training tips (Molly the Morepork, Part 4)


This video is part of a series of videos that are being digitally remastered for Animal Training Academy’s first Birthday. The Molly the Morepork training series is the first video series ever produced by Animal Training Academy and this video is part A of a two-part lesson providing some crate training tips that can be applied to all animals.

In the video, I am using food to positively reinforce Molly for entering the crate. Although it’s not the only reinforcer I am using in the early stages of the training. I also want Molly to know that she can leave whenever she wants. To help me achieve this you will see I do a couple of things. Firstly I set the crate up so that only half of it is covered. Secondly I leave the door of the crate off when first starting. This allows Molly the opportunity to leave quickly and easily.

Crate Training Tips.

  • In the early stages of training allow your animal the opportunity to leave when they desire.
  • Use positive reinforcement to teach them that being in the crate is a desirable place to be.
  • Pretty soon after employing these crate training tips they won’t want to leave.

In this video, we talk about primary reinforcers. Primary reinforcers are things that are generally universally desired by all animals. Some examples of primary reinforcers include food, water, shelter, warmth, reproduction opportunities and safety. This is in comparison to secondary reinforcers, which are previously neutral stimuli that after being continuously paired with primary reinforcers have taken on their reinforcing value.

To learn more about primary and secondary reinforcers listen to one of my podcasts HERE.

I hope you have enjoyed these crate training tips and good luck with all your animal training endeavors. Also please leave a comment below and tell me what you thought of this lesson.