Emma Almquist - Bunnies, hamsters and mindfulness
[Episode 33]

Emma Almquist Bio

Emma Almquist received her bachelor’s degree in biology with a specialization in ethology in 2017. After graduating she has continued learning about animal behavior through conferences, as well as various private and academic courses.

Her business Djurvetologen has offered puppy classes, conference talks, training consults and much more since 2016. These days the business has transitioned to offering mainly online lectures and courses. Emma’s goal is to make humans and animals understand each other better.

After hearing personal stories about compassion fatigue and burnout from almost every colleague in the animal care industry, Emma decided to add mindfulness teacher to her CV in 2020. She enjoys demystifying mindfulness by using behavior analysis. Since becoming a mindfulness teacher, she has been guiding meditation classes and teaching mindfulness to animal care professionals.

Emma lives in southern Sweden with a dog, rabbits, and rodents – as well as a human partner.

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