Mickella Ben Tovim - Compassionate Communication with Animals [Episode 28]

Mickella Ben Tovim Bio

Mickella Ben Tovim has been a lifelong animal lover and horse professional currently living among 2 miniature horses, 2 ponies, a mare and 2 dogs.

For the past 8 years Mickella attributes her major life change to the arrival of a Miniature horse she named Toto, together they set on a journey of exploration and magical discoveries, one that changed their lives and the other members of her equines and canine family forever.

Mickella and Toto traveled and visited kindergartens and other educational programs to educate and advocate on equine welfare. Toto and Mickella originated a therapy program in a few assisted living homes for the elderly, Day care for the disabled and recently were invited to a local hospital.

Today Mickella owns and operates a program called  “Compassionate Communications with Animals”, Teaching human learners to utilize and improve their observational and communication skills. By harnessing human love and empathy for animals and the passion for a connection and bond, she motivates a more compassionate outlook on Animal behavior, learning and welfare. Mickella teaches humans of all ages but specializes in teaching the practice of clicker training,  cooperative care to toddlers and young children in creative ways.

Mickella was an autodidact till she joined the generously knowledgeable ATA group which helped put her and all her learners on the road to success. Mickella’s biggest inspiration comes from Karolina Westlund’s wonderful courses, hoping to inspire others and create more ripples through upcoming lectures, seminars and courses both frontal and online.

Mickella is also an Artist, for the past years has also made custom ordered Pyrography pet portraits to support her animals.

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