Amy Schliz; Giraffe conservation & training [Episode 189]

Amy Schliz Bio

When standing in front of a giraffe training partner, Amy is acutely aware of how lucky she is to have been surrounded by such amazing people and animals throughout her life.  All of those people have led her to her current role, which is the Senior Animal Behaviorist for the International Center for the Care and Conservation of Giraffe.  The organization is run by the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo, and partners with Dr. Susan Friedman and The Behavior Works Team. 

She’s dabbled in field research, veterinary nursing, and zookeeping. While exploring all of the options of where she could best focus her time and energy to make a difference, she discovered the science of behavior change! ABA has changed how she’s wors with both animals and people throughout the years. She enjoys coaching training sessions, running giraffe workshops, and continuing to learn from others.

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  1. Alison Scott says:

    I’ve listened to these two great podcasts and was truely inspired. I just wanted to add my complete agreement with Picasso and stick people. I can draw with my “natural talent”, but Ireally believe everyone one can draw given the right encouragement. Thank you as ever.

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