[Episode 16]: Caroline Howlett - Petnanny

Caroline Howlett – Bio

Caroline is a Pet Nanny focussing on real life skills, passionate about making safety and health care fun. Still with a childlike delight in the animal world, learning about and spending time with animals is always the ultimate goal. 

Taking part in wildlife clubs, keeping a variety of pets and following her loving parents and brother whilst they scuba dived around the north east of England it also created a love of the great outdoors.  After training in agricultural college, experiencing voluntary time as an exotic animal carer, working with heavy horses and race horses she felt nothing quite fit. We often talk about dogs being acquired to suit your life yet she felt she had chosen a life that was close to being perfect yet didn’t fit her ideals and goals with the animals she worked with. 

Running Petnanny has allowed her to find the life that fits, enjoying training a wide variety of animals and working with people to enjoy the animals they choose to spend their lives with. 

She lives with three Spanish spotted saddle horse sisters, two ibizan hounds, a lurcher, three feral cats, two rabbits and bantams.

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