[Episode 15]: Anna Bartosik - Woofs and Purrs

Anna Bartosik – Bio

Anna Bartosik is the owner and operator of Woofs and Purrs, an Instructor and moderator at Tromplo and she serves as ATA Happiness Engineer.

Anna gained PGCert in Animal Psychology in 2015 in Poland, then moved to the UK, assisting at puppy training classes and attending every conference or seminar she could find. After Chirag Patel’s WOOF conference she became addicted to learning about behavior analysis (in other words she became a behavior geek).

In 2019 Anna traveled through the US, pet sitting dogs and cats, meeting other trainers to learn from. Anna experienced clicker training with horses, spent time with zoo animal trainers, watched tigers and hyenas training and participated in giraffe training sessions. As she says ‘every species I encounter makes me a better trainer for all the dogs and cats I will ever interact with’. 

During the pandemic, she stayed in Poland, volunteering in a local animal shelter. She never stopped learning as animals are her best teachers. 

Anna’s mission and purpose in life are to help as many animals and their human companions/caregivers as she possibly can, using the ethical approach and the science of learning (namely Applied Behavior Analysis).

In July 2021 she teamed up with Animal Training Academy, helping the community as a Happiness Engineer. In this way she moves closer to her mission.

Recently she teamed up with Tromplo in their mission of educating on the scientific and practical approaches to animal training. She is one of their instructors, offering a course – From Puppy to Best Friend. She also became a moderator of their online community to further facilitate learning with many more learners.

Anna knows that we can achieve more when we do this together… The data supports it!

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