[Episode 14]: Kelli Inglis - Wings, Paws and Claws

Kelli Inglis – Bio

Kelli is a zoo keeper, animal trainer and all round bird nerd. Growing up with animal loving parents, she found her passion for animals very early in life. Unsure of which career route to take, in 2012 she found out a local zoo did keeping apprenticeships and dived right in. After completing the apprenticeship she moved to a zoo in Devon, found a phenomenal R+ mentor and found her love for training. 

Since then Kelli has worked in a few different collections, helping to enhance the welfare of animals through positive reinforcement training. From crate training porcupines for an enclosure move, training ducks and geese for free flight bird demonstrations, to injection training with dogs and syringe training with parrots, over the years Kelli has found her passion in cooperative care training using choice and control techniques. 

She is currently working in a small family run zoo, working with birds and reptiles, overseeing the training on section. As well as working in zoos Kelli has adopted four rescue parrots, started her own business helping pet owners live more fulfilling lives with their pet and writes a blog about husbandry training and zoo keeping.

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