Emily Harvey; Guide dogs UK (& dreaming of Ken Ramirez...) [Episode 148]

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    Emily Harvey Bio

    Emily is currently working as a training and behaviour consultant for Guide Dogs UK, covering Scotland and Northern Ireland. She has worked for Guide Dogs for the last 13 years as a trainer and instructor both in the UK and New Zealand.

    Prior to this Emily worked as a Sea Lion trainer. In 2016 Emily took on a role as a positive reinforcement training specialist in Guide Dogs UK and co-developed Guide Dogs’ first standardised dog training programme based on positive reinforcement.

    She has a BSc (Hons) degree in Zoology and is currently in her last year of her Clinical Animal Behaviour MSc at Edinburgh University.

    From a young age Emily has had a passion for all things training and behaviour and is particularly interested in applied behaviour analysis, cooperative care and choice-based training. She spends her spare time training her chickens, parrot, geese, dog and goats!

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