[Episode 7]: Sara Crockett - Contingent on Kindness Behavior Consulting

Sara Crockett – Bio

Sara holds a Bachelor of Science degree in biology from Central MichiganUniversity. Beginning her career as a service dog trainer, Sara became passionate about using up-to-date least intrusive training methods centered on the science of behavior. Her passion for kind and ethical teaching fuels her approach to teaching all species, and that extends to human learners. Sara is dedicated to raising her son and daughter with kind and thoughtful approaches supported by science – from teaching first words, to cooperative care for vaccines and teeth brushing. Sara created Contingent on Kindness Behavior Consulting as a platform to inspire others by sharing information about the science of behavior and learning, and works privately with clients. Sara and her family share their home and land with 2 dogs, a cat, a horse, and a pony. When Sara’s not teaching or training, she enjoys spending time with her family, sewing, interior styling, and making music. Sara recently launched a video series in collaboration with Laura Perkins Animal Behavior to help make learning about the science of behavior more accessible to clients, parents, and others who influence behavior. They have plans to turn this series into a podcast.

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