[Episode 5] J.R. Henderson: Zen Cats Roc

J.R. Henderson – Bio

J.R. Henderson is a crazy cat dude residing in Rochester, NY with his amazing clowder of Condie, Durga & Poe. He’s the owner and operator of ZenCatsRoc, a constructional behavioral modification service, specializing in conditioning guardians to understand and effectively minimize aversive behavioral interactions between themselves and felines, most commonly in the forms of inappropriate elimination, inappropriate scratching, aggression issues, introductions of all sorts, medication administration and all the little quirks that our cats express, from counter-surfing to attacking feet at 3 AM. He’s a proponent of added reinforcement and least intrusive based approaches, conditioning relationality between guardians and felids for a lifetime of success. A graduate of the, Companion Animal Sciences Institute, J.R has over 3,000 hours working/volunteering with cats in the shelter system and private consults. A passionate supporter of  TNR and working toward a no-euthanasia nation (and then world), his focuses on feline welfare reside in guardian education, cooperative care husbandry, the power of play and scheduled feedings, feline diet and fostering species appropriate behavior via all forms of enrichment. He also works as an RN in a busy psychiatric emergency department, interacting with patients as young as 5 years of age to geriatrics. In his free time he enjoys hiking, cooking,  playing 6 string bass, practicing Krav Maga and thinking about behavior.

Podcast Outline

  • 1:25 – Shelley Introduces JR Henderson and his feline friends!
  • 3:20 – JR Thanks Shelley for having him on the podcast today.
  • 4:00 – Shelley asks JR to talk about his life beyond training and how it links across to his animal training world.
  • 1015 – Shelley asks JR if there is an example where he has become more musical with his cues to help the animal to discriminate what is taught.
  • 14:25 – Shelley asks about the voice memo app that he uses.
  • 15:00 – JR and Shelley discuss how the Krav Maga has enhanced his movement and timing in training sessions.
  • 17:40 – JR shares with us a recent training challenge and how he worked through it.
  • 25:00 – JR discusses the type of cat behaviour cases with which he helps.
  • 26:30 – JR discuss one of the training challenges that he is most proud of and discusses husbandry, co-operative care and teeth brushing with his cats.
  • 30:15 – Shelley asks JR if he has people that ask him for husbandry and co- operative care training.
  • 33:55 – Shelley asks JR how long he has been working with cats.
  • 38:45 – JR shares where you can find out more about him and get in touch online
  • 40:15 -Shelley thanks JR for the inspiration to enrich her own cats life and for coming on the podcast.