Shelly Wood – Introducing new dogs into your home & to your other animals… [Episode 127]

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    Shelly Wood Bio

    Shelly lives in Cape Girardeau, Missouri, USA where she shares her life with her dog Mija, a cat Wednesday, and a new puppy Castor.  Shelly has a Bachelor of Science degree in Social Work and a Bachelor of Arts degree in Spanish and has worked in the non-profit sector with Early Prevention Impacts Community (EPIC) for ten years, working as both a project coordinator, and project facilitator during that time.  In 2013, Shelly worked with the EPIC Project Director to develop EPIC Pals, an animal centred social and emotional learning program.  Shelly graduated from the Karen Pryor Academy Dog Trainer Professional program in 2016 and is a Karen Pryor Academy Certified Training Partner.  In 2017, Shelly started Drop Your Jaws Dog Training where she works with people and the dogs they live with teaching basic manners group classes and doing private consulting.

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