Dr Afiya Fredericks – The Growth Mindset, Part 1 [Episode 121]

Dr Afiya Fredericks Bio

Dr. Fredericks is the Director of Professional Learning, Implementation & Research at Mindset Works. She was introduced to the growth mindset at the onset of her graduate school career where she studied the growth mindset throughout her Masters andDoctoral studies.

Afiya delivers talks and workshops for educators, leaders and businesses. She is also an adjunct professor, teaching research methods and statistics and Psychology Foundations to college students. There, she has been able to apply her work on mindsets & create a classroom environment and culture that embodies those beliefs.

Dr. Fredericks truly believes that a growth mindset is more than just a concept that we want our students and colleagues to embody, but a lifestyle that we should all strive to commit to. A St. Croix, USVI native, Afiya enjoys traveling home and taking in the magnificent views.

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