Lili Chin – Changing the world one drawing at a time! [Episode 120]

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    Lili Chin Bio

    Lili Chin is an illustrator best known as the founder of Doggie Drawings, where she provides custom illustration, infographics, and a catalogue of art products for sale.

    Lili Chin’s infographics featuring dog body language have become a popular tool for dog training professionals, veterinarians, behaviourists, and welfare groups who advocate for humane animal training methods.

    A partial list of prominent behavior consultants and organizations that have used her dog art include the late Dr. Sophia Yin, Fear Free Pets, Family Paws, RSPCA, a spca-LA police training program, the World Health Organization for a rabies awareness campaign, 4 Paws International, and the IAABC. Her free posters have been translated into many different languages and are used by educators, rescues, and shelters around the world.

    Lili Chin’s first illustrated gift book – Doggie Language: A Dog Lover’s Guide to Understanding Your Best Friend – will be published by Summersdale in October 2020.

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