Bex Tasker – Positively together [Episode 102]

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    Bex Tasker Bio

    Bex is a lifelong behaviour and training nerd, with a special interest in positive reinforcement training for horses and their humans. She is dedicated to promoting principles of compassion, clarity and consent within horse-human partnerships.

    Almost twenty years of positive reinforcement training and the excitement of being able to “talk to the animals” has not dimmed. She is known for clicker training any animal that crosses her path, including pigs, rabbits, dogs, fish, cows, sheep, cats and her own child.

    Her first animal jobs in her 20’s were with Guide Dogs and Customs detector dogs, but more recently via her business Positively Together she has focused primarily on horses.

    Bex travels around New Zealand teaching clinics on R+ for horses as well as delivering online courses to horse trainers around the world.  She has a new but thriving youth programme for teenagers focused on personal development via ethical horsemanship, and has recently delivered a string of workshops for businesses on how to inspire behaviour change in their staff and clients using positive reinforcement principles.

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