Tim Sullivan – Brookfield Zoo; Curator of behavioural husbandry [Episode 98]

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    Tim Sullivan Bio

    Tim has been employed by the Chicago Zoological Society at Brookfield Zoo for the last 39 years. He spent 16 years as a keeper/trainer in the marine mammal department training and caring for the Zoo’s dolphins, walrus, sea lions and seals. In 1997, Tim was asked to assist in the implementation of an elephant protected-contact behavior management program in the Pachyderm department & then in 1998, he was offered his present position as the Zoo’s Curator of Behavioural Husbandry. Tim’s primary responsibilities are to manage the Zoo’s animal training and environmental enrichment programs, oversee the behavior of the Zoo’s large and diverse animal collection- from aardvarks to zebras and is responsible for developing the skills of over 100 animal keepers who care for them.

    Tim consults on animal training and environmental enrichment at other zoological institutions and conducts international training workshops. Tim is currently on the Instructor teams of the Association of Zoo and Aquariums (AZA) annual Animal Training Applications and Environmental Enrichment in Zoos and Aquariums courses. He is active in international training organisations and has been an officer on the board of directors of both the International Marine Animal Trainers Association and the Animal Behavior Management Alliance; an organization he cofounded.

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