Erin Davidson – Ten steps to train a wild bird of prey [Episode 96]

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    Erin Davidson bio

    Erin has been working within zoo’s and wildlife parks for the last 20 years, currently
    working at Sydney’s Taronga Zoo’s Free Flight Bird Show, training a variety of birds from Andean Condors, Eagles to parrots and chickens.

    During this time she has also created a Pet Show, educating visitors on responsible pet ownership and has had the opportunity to train dogs in the musical Annie.

    Erin has spent time learning from trainers overseas including Bob Bailey, Ken Ramirez and Steve Martin, working on “The Symphony of Flight” Bird Show at San Diego Zoo and “Birds of The World” Show at the Dallas State Fair.

    Erin’s passion has always been learning new techniques in building trust within the animals she works with, in her words giving them the confidence to soar.

    Podcast outline:

    • 1:40 – Introduction of Erin
    • 3:33 – Erin’s behavioural journey
    • 16:11 – Changes in the bird training world over the last ten to twenty years
    • 31:00 – Visit to find out more about Erin’s work including the shows at the zoo
    • 34:06 – Ten steps to train a wild bird of prey
    • 1:02 – Erin’s hopes for the animal training world in the next five to ten years

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