Petra Edwards – Bravely sharing about compassion fatigue ? ? [Episode 92]

Petra Edwards Bio

Petra is a dog trainer in Adelaide, South Australia and has a Bachelor of Science (Hons) with a specialisation in Animal Behaviour. She also holds the professional canine trainer accreditation through the Pet Professional Accreditation Board. Petra is currently studying her PhD investigating how dogs experience their veterinary visits. She hopes her research will not only shed light on the veterinary experience, but offer practical and achievable solutions for improving welfare in the veterinary context. Petra has been involved in the dog training industry from a young age and has worked extensively over the years as an assistant and instructor of pet dog training classes and puppy pre-schools. She is fascinated by all things behaviour and especially loves helping owners and dogs live happily and companionably through positive reinforcement.

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Do you think you might have Compassion Fatigue? And/or be nearing Burnout? If so please reach out to others for help! We acknowledged however that this isn’t always an easy thing to do and bravery will likely be needed! – So to help lead by example here is a blog post written by ATA founder Ryan Cartlidge after recording this episode with Petra, before it was released >>> ?

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