Lesson 2 – Creativity works for me! It can work for you, too!


Animal Behaviour is the study of one. Each animal is an individual. And they all have different learning histories. Consequently, each animal also has its own unique set of reinforcers.

So, what is reinforcing for one animal. might not be reinforcing for another. Likewise, a Training plan that works for Animal A, might not work for Animal B. This requires us to sometimes be creative when working with animal behaviour.

An Animal Training secret that gets results.

I believe that one trait of a successful animal trainer is creativity. This refers to creatively solving your training challenges. Maybe you are stuck as to how to become more creative?

This is what I have found has worked for me. I consistently ask myself one question that repeatedly delivers results. “If there was something I could do. No matter how small or insignificant that something might be. What would it be?” When you ask yourself a question like this something happens.  Your brain will eventually provide you with an answer. Then all you have to do is take action on that answer.

Do you sometimes experience challenges with achieving nice animal behaviour and training results? Try asking yourself the above question. Be creative and you might surprise yourself. Also, remember that all animals are individuals. What worked for one animal might not work for another.

I was reminded of the individuality of every animal, when I endeavoured to train two parrots to do the exact same behaviour. Watch this lesson’s video (above). Learn how I accepted the individuality of each animal. Learn how using creativity I managed to get results from both birds. I did this via completely different teaching strategies.