[Episode 8]: Anat Shalev - HorseFriendship

Anat Shalev – Bio

A horse trainer, living and learning alongside 5 horses, 2 dogs, 5 cats, 6 chickens, 11 y/o kid and a supportive husband.

After years working as a therapeutic riding instructor Anat discovered positive reinforcement training in 2008 while looking for ways to help her so-called ‘dangerous mare’.

Founded ‘Horsefriendship’ in 2015, an educational program aimed at teaching behavior principles and positive reinforcement training to local horse people. The program brings experts from different areas of expertise, among which are Peggy Hogan and Susan Friedman, (both made a huge impact on Anat’s own learning journey), providing students with training skills and a broad understanding of behavior in the hope of spreading knowledge and shifting the local horse scene towards a more compassionate, LIMA based approach to horse training and care.

As a teacher and trainer Anat is passionate about broadening horse’s degrees of choice, control and cooperation within medical and husbandry care.
Anat is fascinated by human and horse learning processes and where interspecies interactions influence all involved, awakening curiosity, new insights, and joy.

Other than teaching & training Anat also works as a UI designer, visualizing data and designing user interfaces for complex medical systems, helping users navigate and accomplish their goals with ease and accuracy.

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