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We are so excited you have decided to join our online Animal Training [Academy] community!

Following on from the video above; A MASSIVE welcome to ATA & to get you started I wanted to share 2 quick steps you can take right now to help get you on your way! 🥳

Let’s add you to the private Animal Training Academy FaceBook group. You can request to join here…

The private FB group is one space where the community comes together to share ideas, brainstorm challenges and connect LIVE with the twice-monthly members-only web events. We hope you will join us in there! 

Although you absolutely don’t have to join the FB group if it’s not for you! And your ATA membership will still help you do everything we promised [further develop your skills/knowledge, grow your confidence and positively impact the lives of the animal and human learners you work with].

And alternatively you can totally also introduce yourself and say hi in the ATA members-only website forums here >>>

We of course want to help build your skills, knowledge and confidence so that you can tackle all of the unique challenges that working with animals provide! We understand what it’s like to feel defeated & stuck when faced with training challenges and although we have already helped thousands of trainers grow in all of the areas mentioned above – recently we got curious if we could do even more! 

Therefore late last year [November 2022], we are starting our first-ever 12-month ATA curriculum program! We will share more about this with you very soon – but in the meantime, you can download your “Personal Animal Training Mastery Plan” below >>>

Register for our live [new member] meet and greet session! >>>

We are so excited to welcome our new members to Animal Training in April 2023! Woo Hoo

Although we understand that it can take vulnerability and courage to step into a new community! – Consequently, we wanted to host this live meet and greet session to get to know one another better and make new friends.

You are invited to come along and engage in any way that best suits your level of comfortableness! … We will be on zoom, so you are welcome to turn your cameras and mics on OR; we are totally cool with you having your mic and cam off – whatever works best for you!

ATA Founder Ryan Cartlidge will also start by doing a quick tour of all the Animal Training Academy membership features and explaining how everything works [this part will also be recorded in case you miss the live session].

We hope to see you there! Register here >>>

If you have already completed the above and/or are just ready to dive in and get started then hit the button below to be taken directly to your ATA membership dashboard;

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