The Art and Skill of Learning as Humans in the Animal Field QUIZ

Arianna Bailey CPBT-KA Supervisor, Natural Encounters, Inc
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#1. What is a primary role of trust in the learning process?

#2. What might be a good definition of resilience in the context of learning?

#3. What is a benefit of using verbal reinforcement?

#4. How does resilience contribute to building trust, as discussed in the context of training animals?

#5. What can honesty and open communication lead to in a learning relationship?

#6. How could a positive working environment contribute to an individual's resilience?

#7. In the context of learning, what role can repetition play in building confidence?

#8. In the workplace, how might employees be empowered to control their environments and outcomes to build resilience?

#9. In the context of professional relationships, what does the scenario of working with the Bateleur Eagle illustrate?

#10. In the context of "The Feather Game," why did Dr. Friedman hesitate to voice her guess?

#11. Which traits might people who naturally encourage confidence and relaxed behavior from their co-workers possess?

#12. According to the text, what is the difference between being "kind" and "sugar-coating" when giving feedback?

#13. What does the author suggest is the role of a great trainer in a workplace?

#14. How does control function as a reinforcer and resilience builder according to the text?

#15. Which of the following tips for giving, getting, and applying feedback is mentioned in the text?

#16. The term "experience" in the context of this text refers to:

#17. Ari suggests that mistakes are important for learning because:

#18. According to the text, how should one approach a situation where they are learning from someone with less experience?