Modern Animal Care - Comprehension Q's

Dr Susan Friedman & Dr Christy Alligood – Authors of article
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Please note all questions and answers, as well as the vocabulary utilized, are derived from the contents of the provided article


#1. Skinner's Philosophy of Behavior

#2. In recent years, there has been a surge of interest in behavior science within:

#3. Skinner believed that behavior:

#4. A single behavior is often determined by:

#5. The term “choice” in behavior-analytic literature refers to:

#6. Control refers to the ability to:

#7. Which of the following plays a critical role in behavior, according to the text?

#8. Which statement about technical behavior-analytic jargon is true?

#9. Martin and colleagues define “choosing” as:

#10. Contrafreeloading refers to animals:

#11. In Skinner's "Science and Human Behavior," he mentioned that punishment:

#12. In 2010 the Association for Behavior Analysis International [ABAI] adopted a position statement on the use of:

#13. The Behavior Analyst Certification Board (BACB) states that behavior analysts should:

#14. What benefits are associated with enriched environments for animals?

#15. What philosophy is mentioned in the context of an animal's behavior during training?

#16. Which of the following best describes the "enhanced choice model"?

#17. Why do scientific and professional organizations have ethical standards?

#18. In the text, what was noted as a factor that prompted the establishment of the certifying body that became the BACB?

#19. What is a reason that the text gives for the need for ethical decision-making guidelines in the given context?

#20. According to the ATA community areas guidelines (also known as "The ATA Mindset"), what guides our ethical approach?