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Working as a part of a group of driven animal trainers & behaviour nerds, in just 5 days you'll have:

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Ryan Cartlidge

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What You'll Get:

Hands down the best animal training group experience available. Whether a layperson or a professional if you’ve an interest in animals you can’t help but learn more here. I haven’t found a group more welcoming, respectful, willing to share their knowledge and enthusiastically encourage others to feel emotionally safe to share their thoughts, ideas and questions. Superb podcasts and webinars from some of the best minds in the animal training world.
Julie Cook
K9 Tutor LLC
My only regret was not being part of this incredible community sooner. Seriously. Join the ATA Tribe!!! Best membership I’ve ever signed up for -yes- this beats Netflix and Spotify 😆 I’ve learned so much since listening to the ATA’s podcasts for the first time. Initially, I felt like I was listening to another language being spoken. After signing up, I now feel fully immersed in the animal behavior and training world. ATA is more than a subscription. It’s a place to go to be entertained, captivated, inspired, cheered on, and supported 💚
Emma Schuett
ATA Member


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